How to survive the Christmas season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year... right?

You may not feel it if you have a wee babe or two in the NICU. So how can you get through, or help someone else through the Christmas period? Here are our top 5 tips:

  1. Plan Christmas day - if it’s unlikely you’ll be out of the NICU for Christmas day, plan a special day for you and your family/closest friends. A small Christmas hat for your babe or something Christmassy for the isolette will help create a special day for you all. The nurses will be more than happy to get some pics, especially if you’re lucky enough to have some kangaroo care. This could be the year that you get to eat out/order in and not worry about hosting.
  2. Call on a friend - get a change of scenery from the NICU with someone you can share your journey with. Soak up some festive cheer. If Christmas has never been your thing then just get out into the open air. Nature and the fresh air, with a friend, will fill you with some new energy for when you return to the NICU.
  3. Journal - make some notes on how you’re feeling, how well your baby is doing, write little notes to them recording the things that are going on around them today in the hospital, at home, in the world…
  4. Be clear with visitors - it’s a stressful time as it is and if having people descend upon you, when you are already worn out, can add to that stress. Make expectations clear on whether you want visitors or not. To help lighten the load, when they come, let them help out with a drawn up list of tasks that need doing around the house or don’t let them come empty handed - milk, bread whatever you need - just ask. They’ll be happy to help.
  5. Take a moment - make sure you get some ‘you’ time. A walk, a mani, a chat with a friend… whatever you need to recharge, you need to remember that a solid foundation will support anything so make sure you look after yourself. 
  6. BONUS - Online shopping is your friend. When you are gazing at your phone, online shopping for gifts and groceries will work a treat for this time of the year.

Whatever you do this holiday season, we hope that you make it through with the love and support from friends and family. xx

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