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It's a continuing labour of love and here we are.


I am so happy to be sharing Mama Genie with you.  Supporting families through the journey of having a premmie has been my passion and goal since the idea popped in my head, after my own experiences. I have so many people to thank for getting to this point, yet I know there is further to go.

From initially coming up with an idea to seeing it come to fruition, wondering where I’d find the hours in the day with my 3 beautiful children, going back to work, being pregnant again... it’s been a journey, but I’ve not done it alone. Oh-no.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a very supportive husband. With us going through the premmie journey, for both births, he’s believed in my vision from the very beginning and has backed me 100%, even when I have had cold feet. He supports me in ways I didn’t know I needed. So a big thank you to him.

There have been amazing ladies who I have reached out to and turned to for guidance. They are part of my tribe. They cheer me on, challenge me and keep me on the road less travelled. So, a big thanks to the ladies behind Hear You Now, Mums Who Wine, Oomph and Floss and Roma Loves Yoga. You lead and inspire me, everyday.  Thank you.

Reaching out to like-minded people and like-minded businesses I've come to know so many fantastic hearts and souls. Being as passionate about their product and service offering, as we are about premmie babies and their families, has filled me with gratitude that they are happy to be working with us at Mama Genie. And I am so pleased to be working with them.

To the people I've met at networking events and personal development workshops, thank you for being open and sharing your expertise with me. I plan to pay it forward the way you have with me.

I also would like to call out the charity that we are actively supporting, Life’s Little Treasures, without whom families wouldn’t have the resources that they need to get through the tough times of premature birth. They were so prevalent in our second premmie journey that I wish I had known more about them the 1st time round. So I want every family to know about them. The work they do is fantastic and we want that to continue.

 And finally I thank my babies. Though you all came too soon, you helped me grow and learn from my struggles as a new mum, a mum with premmies and a mum of multiples. You came early for a reason and here we are. Through you, I hope to make a difference to others who go through the same journey we’ve been on.

Love and thanks always to you all.

Sandy, Mama Genie xx

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