What can premmie babies see?

With all things premmie we always wonder how this affects their development.

We are directed to use the corrected age to understand their development and their milestones to understand what stage they should be at approximately. 

So how does prematurity it affect babies eyesight? What can premmie babies see?

To answer these questions, it's useful to know that an unborn baby’s eyelids remain closed until about 28 weeks gestation, whilst they're in the womb. In this time, their retinas are fully developing. After this stage of development they open their eyes and start blinking. By week 33 your baby can start seeing dim shapes.  If you have multiples, they can make each other out in the womb. 

Once born, and around term, babies can detect light and motion, make out faces and large shapes. They can see up to 8-12 inches away and anything further is blurry. by around 1 month corrected, babies can make eye contact and focus on objects about 12 inches away.

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