Breast pumps

We are pleased to be an affiliate of Spectra Pumps, founded by a Mama and nearly entirely run by Mamas who just know!

Why would you consider one of these?

We only recommend buying one if you are going to hire a hospital grade pump from the pharmacy/hirer for a substantial amount of time. 

We found that the price of hiring was the same, if not more.  I personally hired one for 6 months, I kept extending it every month until I realised how much I'd spent. So, the final time round I purchased one. 

Spectra provide hospital grade breast pumps for you to buy and use time and time again. You can choose to single or double pump and there are portable models too. 

With a wide range of pumps, Spectra are great with helping you work out which breast pump is the right one for you, providing a handy comparison chart.

Had I known about these earlier, I would have bought one as breast pump hire became quite expensive for my needs. 

Of course it's not for everyone so, visit the Spectra site and have a look and reach out to the responsive, knowledgeable and friendly team. You can also join the Spectra Mums Facebook group and ask others for their advice and experience.