Why Mama Genie?

I'm Sandy, the founder and Chief Mama of Mama Genie.  I have given birth to 3 premmie children, twins in August 2017 and a girl in June 2016 at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne.

Mama Genie came about after my own experience of dealing with premature birth with my eldest born at 35 weeks and my twins born at 32 weeks. It is something very close to my heart and I am deeply passionate about reaching families who are going through the same journey.

I had an emergency c-section with all my babies and during our time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit ,and then Special Care, I struggled to find premmie clothing.  On top of that, my milk wasn't coming in fast enough, I had pre-eclampsia post birth and I was just generally a stressed first-time mother. I researched, visited several shops, reluctantly. I was supposed to be pumping, resting and recuperating and cuddling my baby.  I felt my time was being stolen away by not knowing where to find the help and products I needed, easily.

So when I had my twins, I already knew where I was getting baby clothes, whether I’d hire a pump or not, what I needed to do to get in and out of the hospital even down to what my recovery may look like and foods I might eat…  I was far more prepared.

This is where Mama Genie was born. I realised it would be so much easier to have somewhere to go to find services and products readily available for other Mums and families in my situation. Knowing where to get things from of good quality, also tried, tested and trusted would give back some of that valuable time mums need and want to spend with their newborns. 

I hope you will find all you need here, and you can join our Facebook community to find others with premmie experiences. xx




We are also so pleased to be supporting Life’s Little Treasures.  They were so prevalent on our road to coping with the stress of premature birth and the NICU. They hosted a Father's Day morning tea and promoted their invaluable services.

Life’s Little Treasures Foundation is Australia’s foremost charity dedicated to providing comprehensive information and support to families with premature or sick babies. In Australia, almost 48,000 babies are admitted to neonatal intensive care units or special care nurseries every year and premature birth is Australia’s number one killer of newborns. The services Life’s Little Treasures Foundation offers are free of charge and include (but are not limited to) comprehensive information folders and booklets, in hospital support and a 24 hour support line. For more information visit www.lifeslittletreasures.org.au.

You can also find out more about the care we take in deciding who we work with.